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A guide to the possible
An expert in cutting-edge products, with experience putting fresh ideas to work, your account manager can offer samples, mockups and drawdowns to guide you to the perfect materials to accomplish your goals. Tens of thousands of marketing projects have been developed and delivered under our guidance, including print, web, and crossmedia work. When you bring your projects to us at concept stage, we share our considerable expertise to ensure that all elements come to fruition with the best possible results. Your communications will stand out from the crowd with a variety of options, including:

-Specialty papers, offering unique finishes from ultra smooth to pebbled, and a wide range of weights from flysheet to board stock, with the entire industry at our fingertips, we can help anything you imagine become reality!
-Eye-catching treatments like premium coating, embossing or even folding solutions that engage your audience in new ways. Surprise them with formats they have not seen elsewhere!
-Printed elements ranging from business cards to presentation folders and unique promotional products. Try wideformat banners and other signage to raise yourcampaign awareness!
- Packaging that elevates a great product to a striking display of ingenuity. Our packaging design can be the key to your product's unique success!

A guru for your budget
Count on your consultant to make the most of every dollar by watching for efficiencies in sizing, quantities and printing techniques. While our account managers have the experience to share a wide range of concepts and marketing vehicles, we also have the knowledge to help you make the most of your marketing budget. For example, did you know that resizing a poster or portfolio by a fraction of an inch can save your hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars. Your OCPC team will keep you informed of the best choices for your budget.

A protector of your brand
Committed to maintaining your standards, your consultant will keep a close eye for consistency across all of your projects, every time. When we oversee work year after year, we become well versed in our clients' design choices. Piece by piece, we we will carefully consider the small details that others might overlook, such as preventing color shifting on different paper stocks, and ensuring that your chosen fonts are correctly in place. At OCPC, brand management is always a priority.

A Partner in every project
Responsible for each step of production, your consultant will personally manage your work with regular status updates and open communication about the process. With a single email or phone call, you can find out exactly where your project stands. We consider ourselves a part of your team: each aspect of your project is as important to us as it is to you. Our goal is to meet your goals.